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My Experience

   WPHR Workshop - Trowbridge UK   01.06.2015 - ........
    Airofreem (Contract) 16.12.2017 ........

 Compactor Operator, Gluer, Large Van Driver. Driver in the carriage of workers and food delivery.

I am working here, at the company "Airofreem". I also, afternoon work as a transport driver (by the Agency) and in Chinese "take away".
It is, the transport of various parcels and sometimes household appliances to restaurants throughout England. Freight transport, most often
Mercedes Sprinter (max) and Renault Master. Carriage of workers, it's Seat Alhambra. Airofreem, this is the service
of the Compactor, Stokinet, Buffett and glueing a sponge elements. I also got a few other jobs when Airofre was down. These are warehouse works
and seldom is production.
I invite to gallery.

   APack (Trocco) Lokeren    26.06.2014 - 16.12.2014


 I worked there with the Job Agency "Synergie" - in Belgium.
 I secured against moisture and damage and I packed to special boxes or containers.goods from Catepillar;
 I invite to gallery.

   Veiling Hoogstraten    28.04.2014 - 25.06.2014


 I worked there with the Job Agency "European Staffing" - in Belgium.
 I was packed there fruits and vegetables. I took from the tape of packaging machine ready packages of vegetables.
 I weighed precisely and I packed fruits and vegetables to special packaging
 Everything you can see in the gallery.

   INNOVAREC (Sagro)    08.10.2013 - 31.01.2014

  Painter, basket crane and heftruck Operator

 I worked there with the Job Agency "Laudam" - in Holland. I worked there as painter.
 I clean the rust and dirt, polishes to the tarnishing of old paint. Next I paint a few coats of paint using a spray gun.
 Paint, tools and other aids everyday I move by Heftruck. In the work at height I operate a crane basket.
 Everything you can see in the gallery. There are photos and a short video.

   Hopton Dystrybution (Haydens Bakkery)    01.05.2013 - 30.06.2013

  Order Picker, Dispatch Operator

 I worked here with the Employment Agency "DIRECT RESPONSE" from Trowbridge. The orders of the Agency were for several positions in the company
 "Haydens Bakkery" where "Hopton Distribution. This is a branch of shipping goods. Mainly I have worked in the chilled hall at a temperature of
 4-7 degrees Celsius. Job was to picking up, confectionery products (cheesecakes, cakes pies, packed in bags or boxes). Goods arrived on small wheels,
 packed in the baskets and 15 baskets placed on the pole. Inside the refrigerator were numbered positions (customer number). Task was to translate
 the right amount products to the appropriate station number. I received a full list, and at the end I had to sign and put into a container with a
 list of "completed Picking up". When the position;accumulated an amount of 15 baskets, then have to clip a label with customer number and tie a plastic
 strip (special device to tie tape). Labels have different colors, depending on the area is the client. At the end of the work were arriving heavy trucks and
 it had to be loaded, according to the direction of travel. other jobs I worked the little rarer. I worked in the production of biscuits on the production line.
 I worked in the warehouse for intermediates. I also worked on the "Dispatch", this is the loading of trucks the empty baskets and ensure that found their
  way into an appropriate forum for distribution. Distribution was and warm.

  Lucky-Hostel    01.04.2008 - 31.03.2013

  Owner - Manager

 Last five years I have been the owner of the hostel in Gdansk. It was not just a hostel. Combined with Guest House and Pension service. We had rooms from
 cheapest dormitories to luxury double and single rooms. We did breakfast, lunch and dinner. There we took a large groups of children, groups of students and
 other groups. We organized balls, weddings, New Year's Eve. Meals we showed how the four-star hotel. We cared about each detail. I have created a special
 reservation system based on MS Excel. I was negotiating groups and events reservations. Special turn down bedding and towels arrangement straight from the
 most luxury rooms of expensive hotels in Egypt,, it was our hobby. To this day, I receive emails asking for rooms.

  DrewPal, Almares    02.01.2008 - 31.03.2008

  A delivery driver (Refrigerators) to 3.5 tonnes (Iveco & Peugeot)

 I walked away from the company Net-Kar due to falling orders and also my earnings. Possessed experience in the commercial vehicle a I wanted to find a
 good job. Unfortunately, first came across the fraud (drewPal). I found a job in Warehouse with intermediates for bakeries and confectioneries (Almares).
 After three months, my bank gave me a chance for a loan and I opened the Hostel. Drew-Pal - Work from 02:00 at night until about 11 o'clock in the
 day, transporting dairy products straight from the manufacturer (Dairy Mackowy) to shops and schools. Almares - Work from 07:00 - 15:00.
 Semi-finished products for confectionery and bakeries. Both cars are small refrigerators. Packing of goods with a forklift and set in the car in order to help
 unload on the collection points.

  Net-Kar    01.11.2005 - 31.12.2007

  Heftruck and Reachtruck Operator, Van driver, fences fitter, Warehouseman Builder's own version of the
  fence and rework Bekaert systems.

 It's not a big company. The representative of the Belgian Bekaert (later Betafence). The company is involved in the sale and installation of fencing,
 not just of this company. The work that I was doing, it is primarily a lorry unloading and loading of trucks and cars and smaller. Working with a heftruck
 and reachtruck. Adoption of the goods to the warehouse and edition of the magazine. I'm also drivin ' to the assembly of fences. I had to do everything
 ready and loaded on a car. Drive by Van and install fencing, gates and wickets. Many times I transformed columns, drilling thousands of new holes.
 Was building from scratch a new columns and gates, because Bekaert system did not provide for a number of solutions that need to be met. My biggest
 project was the system of the internal fences in the Hestia warehouse in Gdansk. The sliding gates and columns that had to be mounted to a concrete
 floor without damaging the floor. In addition to the mesh fencing, the rest were designed and made from scratch by my idea. Work on Mig-Mat and
 other locksmith tools and construction. The second major project done from finished parts, it fence and cages for dogs at an animal shelter "Ciapkowo"
 in Gdynia. Large area and a constant struggle with the roots of trees, it stuck in my memory the most. The end result, however, flawless.

  Alfa Trans    01.02.2004 - 30.09.2005

  The Van Driver (LDV)

 Transportation of steel structures and construction materials between the manufacturer or wholesaler to the storage and to assembly places in Poland.

  GAD Gdańska Agencja Detektywistyczna, Securitas Service, Garda    1995 - 1996 / 2000 - 2003

  Security Worker

 In the GAD I have worked on a contract, but in Securitas and Garda I have worked casual. It was to 24 hours protect shops, shopping malls and warehouses
 and work away protection for sports tournaments, concerts and protection of the auxiliary hoteach in extras: stars and VIPs were sleeping.

  Pension "U Stolema" Nowotel Marina, own economic activities 1985 - 2013

  Conservation Technical, Event Organizer, DJ - Top Dog

 I worked as a technical Conservator casual Pension "U Stolema", "Villa Elena" and Primary School in Gdynia from 1995 to 2008. They were the conservation
 work and construction. Repair beds and furniture, minor repairs electrical and mechanical equipment. As an event organizer and DJ Top Dog worked not only
 in the Pension "U Stolema", although there the longest, from 1995 to 2013, as a resident all events. Also worked in several establishments for the Agency for
 Art as well as private contracts. The largest is in the Agency "Szejk", a night club in the "Novotel Marina" from the Agency "Avanti" Hotel Sopot with the
 Agency "Travelers Show,", Restaurant "Parkowa" - major events in the open air. The restaurant "Verona" club "Artema" Restaurant "Pod Wieza" In the
 meantime, events in schools and summer camps. During the years 1985-1988, This period of experimentation, experience and learning musical and
 technical events. Acoustics and techniques learned from the best Electro-acoustical of Agency "BART" in the Forest Opera in Sopot at festivals and
 concerts. Since 1989 he has played for over a hundred weddings. Musically and technically handled dozens of festivals and other artistic performances.
 I organized a "small miss and mister of beauty" theater plays and revues in schools and community centers. I have a professional sound and lighting.

  Matex (later Euromatex), Sawmill 01.1999 - 04.1999

  Saw Operator

 In the period 04.1998 - 10.2000 I lived in Borne Sulinowo. I went there because I had job on protect flood plains and forests. After four months, we found
 that the employer is a fraud. During this period, there was high unemployment in Poland, but in this city one of the highest rates in Poland.
 Unfortunately, after the move we had no money to go back, because we used the money from difference between the sale price our apartment in a Sopot
 to the very low prices of residential units in Borne Sulinowo. The Labour Office gave me a referral to a sawmill. As it turned after the three weeks,
 Sawmill bankrupted. Moved me to Matex. After two months, also this company starts to decline. Released with me, a lot of people, after the trial period.
 In these companies this work was to cut long boards and scantlings for shorter, using the table saw a movable arm with automatic revocation of the
 cutting head. In the sawmill were not planed materials and in Matex were planed materials.

  Worldwide MATATEC London     1992, 1994, 1996, 1997

  Painter, Sandblaster, Welder, Cleaner

 It was the renovation work on the ship during the voyage. Three contracts of several months each, in the sea and one in the Port of Dunkirk. We worked on
 the tanker, container ship, ship with gas and passenger ferry on the port. My job was sandblasting, cleaning of rust, preparation for painting and
 painting, decks, railings, exterior walls, stairways, water ballast tanks and paint the surface. Welding or replacement items damaged during the cleaning
 of rust. Once we cleaned addition, the engine crankcase, because water infiltration and an emulsion formed from the oil. There I learned to English
 in practice. Very often work at 30 - 52 degrees Celsius (Orinoco - Venezuela). Places we visited, it's New York, New Jersey, Tampa, Florida, the
 Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Corpus Cristi, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Trinidad / Tobago, Maracaibo, Aruba, Goblartar, Málaga, Asturias, Cartagena,
 Odessa, Istanbul, Dunkirk, Antwerp.

  Polish National Bank NBP     01.11.1990 - 31.10.1991

  Treasury employee

 It was my first job after military service. My tasks included. Assisting the positions of employees counting banknotes. Counting coins. Receiving counted
 parcels of banknotes and packing them into cubes of 10 packs. Binding using the machine and they move to the treasury. In the treasury was packing cubes
 into bags and seal the bags. Loading bags into the car and unload the car. Agreement had in years. I did not renew the contract in connection with
 the restructuring and liquidation of the Bank's branch.

  Northern Shipyard     01.09.1985 - 30.11.1988

  Fitter of machinery and marine equipment.

 Three years of school practice and a half years of work. Combining machine parts with Mig welding seams. Then the installation on the ship. These were
 mainly ventilation machines and air channels.